Your IT Career Planned with Onshore Academy

Onshore Academy’s IT Training and Boot Camp’s were developed to assist those American’s living in our rural communities the opportunity to achieve success in the IT industry without the cumbersome costs of a college education.

With the cost of formal education increasing at staggering rates, it has become clear that alternatives need to be made for those who do not have the means, or the desire to spend four years working on a degree when they could enter the workforce and begin providing for themselves as well as their families.

Onshore Academy has developed an intensive Boot Camp to assist these individuals with the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to begin an immediate career in the IT Industry.

Training begins with nine weeks of intensive, 40-hours-a-week, boot-camp-style IT training and ends with a real-world capstone project and presentation that you get to keep and use for yourself. Our Onshore software development training programs cover today’s most utilized technologies