My experience in attending the Onshore Bootcamp was genuinely enjoyable and beneficial to the foundation of my desired career path. Through Onshore, I was able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the field of software development. Entering the bootcamp has been one of my greatest decisions, attested to my ability to program with no prior coding familiarity, and the friends that I’ve made throughout.

- Clifton Kuhne


Being hired at Onshore after boot camp was startling. There are so many people that know so much more than you, I was a little overwhelmed at first. But, I quickly overcame this when realizing everyone around is rather welcoming and willing to answer any questions. So with the friendly people, constant ability to learn more, and the fun I get out of my work, I enjoy working here much more than I thought I would.

- Brianna Dawes


I hated school - it felt clunky and slow, catering to the least common denominator. I abandoned college to strike off on my own path as an entrepreneur. When I found Onshore, I finally found like-minded people, and a system I knew would let me move as fast as I wanted. If you’re smart - if you need a fast track - do it.

- Dan Nixon